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Scribbles in the Dark

27 May 1986
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Hurm.... Someone once wondered if i was an really 'old chinese guy'. (I'm not, but i'm into Zen 'n Etc). I'm a self-proclaimed Nerd of the active variety, and have constructed a Tesla Coil so as to play around with arcs of sheer energy. Mmm, smell that ozone!
I've got math up the wazoo (Multivariable Calc) for someone my age (Senior Highschool), but no nearly enough science for my tastes.

That's it for now, so in the mean time; Ask a Question, *Any* Question

Update; 1/10/04. It occured to me, in cruising from freind list to freind list, what to put here.

I *was* a highschool student, a senior (although matters little), in a small very liberal private school just outside the University of California: Berkeley campus proper. Oh, the school's name is Maybeck and i think we have a website.
I got on LJ because of Sondy, whom i met via a mutual freind. People like Sondy remind me why i'm looking foward to college.

Luckily, I no longer have to wait around for that, becuase I'm finally fucking here. Awesome! College rocks. (Rensselear Polytechnic Institute; Troy, NY (Capital region)

I'm into that realm of physics between Quatumn and Newtonian, otherwise known as the realm of the electromagnetic. Hence, Tesla. Find something new about the world, and then make use of that knowledge for the intended benefit of mankind.

You can call me Narf, and my icon is stylin'.